New search technology (a Google Lovefest)

Google is the big dog of the internet world and I wanted to give a quick update on some of the new technology they have been adding to their searches over the past few months. Color search in images, more options for our searches and better ways to get our content indexed Google defiantly has the end user in mind and is providing great tools to make our searches easier and lives better

The first new thing I want to talk mention is Google’s new ability to search for images with only a certain color. Now as an option in image search you can choose what colors you want your results to mostly contain. I have a few ideas for using it to generate very complete image libraries for image mosaic programs such as AndreaMosaic (FREE)( but its mostly just a lot of fun to play with. You can read more here

Now more recently Google has done it again adding even more options to their search queries. The ability to search for only forums, find reviews and look at only recent results is now available within their search options tab. Find out more at

And to finish this Google lovefest off I would like to talk about a couple things they have implemented to help the ever important web developers keep your site indexed correctly and showing relevant data that helps drive traffic to your business. First is the canonical url which helps improve indexing and searches by providing a way to identify duplicate pages in your site. With everything dynamic nowadays with web 2.0 in full swing a lot of pages may have very different look and feel depending on where you came from. Before there duplicate pages would add trash to the index but now there is an easy way to specify one page is like another… The canonical url. Now all your precious link juice and other info on the page Google finds can be connected and won’t be wasted spread across many different permutations of a page.

Read more about the canonical url here

Finally the newest of the new is the idea of inline xml to describe many different common objects so they can be easily parsed and searched. “Rich Snippets” allow for developers to embed information about the text on the page and specify a parseable format for reviews, people or companies. This extra meta data will allow Google to show even more relevant information about your pages and further help drive traffic to your site. Get the latest on micro formats from Google themselves but also at


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